Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It was a dark and stormy night.....

Obligatory Corgi Photo - Sass Dog on Deck!
This past weekend I worked on the Laundry Room - cleaning cob webs and dust, defrosted the ice from the chest freezer...and Mr. Wonderful installed a new hot water heater!  We needed it, as the other one was starting to take a dive...took too long to get hot water to any of the sinks or faucets upstairs, not to mention the SHOWER....and I could hear the lime rattling around inside of it when it would start to heat a new water supply.  Mr. Wonderful even sprung for a new shower head - the kind that sprays a wide rain shower on you, and the shower head removes so you can "spot-spray"...sooooo nice!

Yesterday we had a hum-dinger wind a blowin' most of the day.  Things started out bright and sunny in the morning, but as the day progressed, it got more windy.  The power went out in early afternoon, so no hope of catching up on blog reading!  And, I must make mention that the power outage most likely happened because I defrosted the freezer (no extra ice to keep things frozen) and because of the new hot water heater installation....(kind of like washing your car makes it rain outside???)   I have Consumers Energy on my cell phone contacts list, so I dialed them up, and waited.  And waited. 

About 3 hrs later, the power came back on, but Mr. Wonderful had phoned, asking me to meet him for dinner.  How could I refuse Pizza???  MmmmmMMMMM!  We returned home about 8pm, and.....NO POWER!  So, I dialed up Consumers once again, and of course, there is no updates on when power would be restored.  No phone.  No lights.  No water.  We spent the rest of the evening reading our chosen magazines by flashlight, glad we had eaten dinner out!   For entertainments sake, I phoned Mom on my cell - she gets rattled when Caller ID does not say who is on the other end of the call, but she put on her "Big Girl Panties" and answered my call anyways - Yeah MOM!  We had a nice little chat, and decided to hit the hay at 10pm.  The power came back on at around 1:00 am.   So today, it's back to normal chores as usual!


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Wow! I wonder how people survived back in the old days before Mr. Edison's invention? Most of our power outages come in the heat of the summer.

Carol............. said...

Yes, isn't it funny how we get used to all these wonderful "necessities" that we now have? LOL

Glad you got pizza out of the deal...yummmmm.

Your corgi looks so sweet. My brother in L.A. has one (Sophie) and she's just the smartest little dog.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

You are a natural born storyteller, aren't ya?
Love your little stories.
Pizza, reading by flashlight...a perfect night, hee hee!

Anonymous said...

We had power surges and fizzles, but fortunately it was not out as was yours. However I have more shingles on the lawn than on the barn today. The worse part of power outtages are resetting the clocks and the answering machine time and all those little things one takes for granted.

farmlady said...

When it rains it pours. When the wind blows the power goes out. Isn't modern life grand.
Love that corgi dog photo. So cute.

Chatty Crone said...

You have a wonderful hubby that's all I can say. I hate when the power is out - I do wonder what it would be like years ago. Don't you? We are so lucky.