Friday, November 26, 2010

Frankenmuth, Michigan

This past week, Mr. Wonderful had the entire week as vacation - the first whole week he's ever taken off work in the entire past 7 years!  Wednesday we went on a day trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan.  The day was cold and gloomy, but he and I always have a good time no matter the weather!

Frankenmuth is a Bavarian style town.  Every building, including McDonalds and the Dollar General Store has a Bavarian flair to the outside facade!  The last time I was in that town was when my boys were 3 and 5 yrs old - I remember the covered bridge was under construction, and so this trip when I saw that covered bridge completed, it was OLD construction!  And next to it was a little Bavarian style shopping center!  Such a cute area to walk around in!
We had noon meal at a restaurant that served FAMOUS CHICKEN DINNERS - and, there was no disappointment!  The meal was great, and served by Senior ladies, dressed as Bavarian waitresses, complete with white starched aprons and little caps! The interior of the building was entirely Bavarian, with separate dining rooms that were given names.  Ours had 6 high backed booths, and the room was called the Cow Path.
  After lunch, we visited Bronner's Christmas Village - a HUGE store filled with all things Christmas!  It's open year round.  You can find just about any style or theme ornament there, with all sections of the store labeled to help you locate anything you may want - farm items, beach items, forest animals, hunting, fishing - you name it!
After returning to our car, we were feeling a Christmas Overload, of sorts.  It was fun to see how the town had grown and changed after all these years, and so interesting to see Bronner's  Store again.  But, you know, nearly every single ornament was made in China...and after not having employment for so long, it was hard to look at all of the pretty decorations, and nothing made in America.  We even visited a store called Purely Michigan; the sign said the shop contained items made in Michigan.  Besides Maple Syrup, we could count only 2 items made in Michigan...a lazer carved wood ornament of the shape of the state, and a few hand woven baskets by an artisan in Cheboygan, MI.  The embroidered sweatshirts that said Michigan on them?  Made in Honduras.  The stuffed bear wearing fishing gear?  Made in China.  We weren't tempted to open our wallets for anything except our Chicken dinner.  And - it raised another question - what country did our chicken come from.....


Angela said...

What a cute little Town! I'm glad that you and Mr. Wonderful were able to get away for a day of fun! I totally agree with you on the things made in China. It is so sad. Did you say anything to the people who were running the Made in Michigan store about their wares not being made in Michigan? I'm sure I would had! lol I'm gettin way to bold. Must be from watching too much Victor Meldrew! hehehe


ocmist said...

Sounds like a wonderful outing and a great place to visit. It reminds me of a place on the coast a couple of hours from here called Solvang. It has a Bavarian flair to it, too, and some of the pastries... MMMmmmm!!!

It is sad that you find problems like that in almost every store in America now. At least you have a good American Hubby! :)

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

What a great trip you had, so sad that everything is made in China or else where. That is one reason I don't paint anymore, because store owners had rather buy cheap items from over seas, than pay a little more for a better quality item that is home grown or made.
And then I get upset when I hear some one in those stores buying those items complain about the lack of jobs and the high unemployment and I want to scream at them, well look at what you are buying, you are making a job but for some one over seas.
Sorry, I get so upset when I think about these selfish folks, they are willing to throw their fellow works under the bus to save a few cents on a cheap made item.

Jane said...

So glad that you guys had a great time! Love the architecture. Hope that you are keeping well,


Verde Farm said...

Monica, I’ve heard of Frankenmuth from some of my Michigan friends and have often thought it would be fun to visit. It sounds like a quaint town and the Christmas store sounds huge. I couldn’t agree with your more on the items in there and the Michigan store. Seems very little is made here in America. I bet those chickens didn’t speak a word of English either. hehe. Glad you had a wonderful week with your hubby though.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Frankenmuth is a cool place to experience. So, you went to Zehnder's for chicken, huh? Did you tell the girls?
All of my father's family live in Bay City, so Frankenmuth was enroute north for us. Also, love Marshall. Ever visit Marshall and go to Win Schuler's?

Brenda Pruitt said...

Good question! Cute place though.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay so you were on vacation last week - did you get the week too or just Bob? You must have had Wednesday off. Nice town - we have one here called Helen. So glad you got to enjoy each other.

And did you find out where the chicken was from?


Rose said...

sounds like a neat place to check out in helen, ga. the shops are similiar in design. i love day trips sounds like your's was good. rose