Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Place - Kitchen Final Touches -

The weekends have sure been flying by since I started my new little job.  The noon till 5pm hours cut into the day, and rush hour traffic leaves me getting home at 6 or 7pm, which I don't care for particularly.  I should get books on tape to listen to on that evening drive.  Any Library Employees out there with recommendations for me??
This past weekend I had a goal in mind - RECLAIMING MY KITCHEN!  It's been a disaster since spring, when we first began to work on renovation.  Mr. Wonderful had the cabinet doors built and mounted, new counter-topping, new red paint, and some of the plug ins installed (after finding many live electrical wires hidden beneath back splash and/or drywall!)  The kitchen was safe and operable, but no lighting and no back splash, no window frame or sill...It was lacking in charm.

TA-DAAAH!  Lookie Lookie, see what's new! 
New copper colored tile...
New corner shelf for nick-nacks...
...and note the light bar with shelf over top of it - custom made just for ME!
I'm LOVIN' IT!!!


Verde Farm said...

Ok, now the tricks on me...I just realized Corgi lady and Chicken Wrangler have something in common---the exact same kitchen. I was thinking, my gosh, this kitchen looks just like Wrangler's. Hahahaha--I went back and checked your states just to make sure I wasn't crazy :) Your kitchen really looks great!!

Angela said...

Oh I love it too Monica! Looks great! Love your light above the sink too! And that corner shelf for nick nacks. You'll have fun decorating it for the different seasons too.

Have a Great Day!

Jane said...

Oh, I love it - what a grab job! Looks like you have a lot of room. What time is dinner again??


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Okay, we're all meeting at your place for turkey day!
I love it all.
Richard Paul Evans,
Janet Evanovich,
James Patterson,
Sandra Brown,
Danielle Steel,
Mary Higgins Clark,
Laura Lippman
oh my, the suggested reading list is endless!
Be careful out there!

Peanut said...

I have a glass chicken like that too hanging around in my kitchen!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay - the wait was worth it! It is gorgeous - I can't believe your wonderful hubby did all that work. Very impressive. I like the light too. And the rack. You're a lucky gal.


ocmist said...

Your kitchen is just gorgeous!!! You guys have done an awesome job in there. I LOVE wood and other natural building materials!

I would HIGHLY recommend any of the Karen Kingsbury books, and you can get the audio CD's for a fairly good price on Ebay. There is a wonderful series of 4 series that follow a family and a few of their friends. The first 5 books are called the "Redemption Series" and they come in one pack of 20 CD's. Then the 5 books of the Firstborn Series (another 20 CD's) After that is the Sunrise series of 4 books (which I haven't had a chance to get yet, but I've read about 30 of her books and everyone is a winner! After the Sunrise Series is the "Take" series (Take One, Take Two, etc.) to 4. All of these have a lot of the same characters and I can't say enough about how wonderful the stories are!