Monday, March 15, 2010

Beware the Ides of March!

Sunday afternoon we worked on our kitchen remodel project some more. Mr. Wonderful had to remove the "appliance garage" to do some measurements, and SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SurPRIZE, what did he find, but LIVE WIRES coming out a hole in the wall behind the "garage" he had just removed. OOOOO!

Good thing he found them, but even though we've lived in this house several years, today is the IDES OF MARCH - no telling WHAT could have happened! Caesar might not have been the only fatality on this date!

We've found a few interesting things while living here as we've worked together on simple wallpapering projects and other "simple and easy" little things...Once we were removing molding around the bedroom ceiling when we were replacing some drywall that had ruined when the kitchen above flooded from a problem with our dishwasher...and discovered that the molding went THROUGH the wall into the next room. Someone didn't want to be bothered to trim the molding to the correct size, so they just drilled a hole, put a l-o-n-g strip of crown molding through the hole, then puttied it up so it was not detectable. Yep - THAT makes sense!

On a different day on the same drywall project, we found sparking wires in the walls while removing some of the wall connected to the same ceiling....that was a joyous day! Later on, we removed more of the ceiling drywall, only to find a hidden light fixture where we thought there was none - someone had buried it under the ceiling complete with lightbulbs....and then we had to find the hidden light switch! This house holds many secrets! Some day I'm afraid that behind some wall somewhere, we may find the body of the electrician that did all of these deeds!
Have a Fabulous Monday!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

How, in the world have you not had a fire? Egad...the things you've uncovered are frightening~

Cozy Little House said...

I think that would be my fear as well! Yep, I've lived in lots of houses where the homeowner (or some equally stupid electrician) did some dandies. Once we moved into a house and were there less than 48 hours before our house caught fire and burned the roof. And it was snowing! Some idiot had put the wrong type light over the sink, didn't insulate it, and caused an electrical fire. Oh, that was fun at midnight with firemen not readily able to find the fuse box due to all the moving boxes full in the garage!

Chatty Crone said...

Well you my dear are going to have a fabulous Ides or March!

You found those live wires - a blessing indeed. Gosh - who the heck had your home before you anyway. All that kind of stuff is scary.

You are going to have the nicest home on the block when you two are finished. (Then you can come down here and start on mine - lol).

Good luck today.


Carmen C. said...

LOL...If I didn't know better, I would guess that the folks we bought our house from had lived in yours:)Our roof isn't even completely level because they added on the kitchen and living room:D

Angela said...

It's a good thing you are redoing your kitchen and found it before it caused a fire! The late 1800's farm house we bought was not originally built with electric. All of the electrical wiring was on the outside of the house. The bathroom up stairs was an after thought too! It was added sometime after the house was built. But your house isn't that old.....


LV said...

I enjoyed your post, but sounds like you better check all the wiring places. That sounds dangerous.

Troy said...

Everyone should have a skeleton or two in their closet.

I found a chicken tie at the thrift store today. It's very conservative, with small diaginal rows of roosters on it. From a distance it would just look like stripes.

Now I have to find a good week to feature it.

When is National Chicken Day?