Friday, March 12, 2010

Epicurean Kitchen Utensil Report

Have you wondered how the kitchen utensils I ordered last week panned out for me?

I received the "USA MADE" utensils very quickly. I placed my order Sunday evening on the Epicurean website, and Tuesday the Fed-X truck arrived to deliver it. The 2 items I purchased were nicely boxed in bubble wrap. One thing I was impressed with (besides where they were made!) was the fact that the sticker adhering to the back of the handles was easily removable - no scrubbing, scraping, and no need for "Goo-Gone"! Simply lift up a corner, and remove!

The spatula (or food turner) felt strange in my hand for a moment - I was used to the rounded handles on the imported plastic turners I've owned in the past. The plastic that comes in contact with the food itself is sturdier, and less flexible - a GOOD thing. But all in all, much better quality.
The spoon was a SURPRISE. I hadn't enlarged the photo to the fullest when I ordered, but there are 3 graduated lines inside its bowl, telling the measurements of liquid each section will hold! Pretty handy for gourmet cooks, or if you only want to spoon out 1/8 cup of gravy or chili - you'll know how much you are serving to keep a better calorie count.

I've been pleased with the looks, quality, and usability of the utensils, and clean-up is a breeze. They are dishwasher safe. The imported kitchen tools I owned had discolored from the dishwasher on the handle parts only, which leads me to wonder about the overall quality of plastics, and what could be leaching into the food as I cook. I plan on ordering more of the Epicurean products - well worth the money spent on quality kitchen utensils, well worth the money to keep our jobs in the USA.

Have a great day!


Carmen C. said...

Sounds like a good review, may have to get me some of those:)

Chatty Crone said...

That's the kind of review that is important and makes people want to check them out.

Thanks for reporting back!

Angela said...

Hey Monica!

What a great review on your new kitchen utensils! They sound wonderful! Nothing beats made in the USA!!!!!

I have got to make a trip to that store to see if I can find it and get me some!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

That, was a darn good, and useful review~ You covered all the important bases, that we women wonder about when deciding on a new product.
Great info, and we thank you!